Selling 40 Yearlings and 2-Year-Old Bulls
(75% are Heifer Bulls)

These bulls have plenty of growth and natural
muscling, selected with calving-ease and performance
in mind. Most of the bulls will work on
heifers. Easy-fl eshing, docile bulls, managed with
a comprehensive health program, tested for P1
BVD and are guaranteed breeders.

Sired by Top AI Sires, including:

VDAR Really Windy, Connealy Final Product, Sitz
Dash, Connealy Impression, Connealy Stimulus,
WMR Timeless, SAV 004, Connealy Mentor,
Nichol’s Extra K205, Connealy Contrast, and

Selling 50 Females
Open Heifers, Bred Cows and Heifers, Pairs and
Commercial Females

  • Pedigrees stacked with generations of the top
    AI cattle in the industry.
  • Foundation females for any program.
    Most spring-bred cows will have calves at side
    by sale day.

In addition to proven genetics, we offer YOU. . .
All performance data including ultrasound data
available prior to sale day.

  • Volume and pick-up discounts and delivery
  • Help merchandising your feeder calves and
    replacement females.
  • Herd consultation.
  • Totally closed-herd, buy with confi dence!
  • Heated sale facilities and lunch.